Briefs is a series of prints and sculptures that explore the degradation and monumentality of ending relationships, by obscuring and exposing the subjects all at once.

After reopening the lines of communication with my ex-partners, I asked them to give me a pair of their underwear. These conversations were awkward, funny, emotional, frustrating, and cathartic all at the same time. The interactions and process of getting the underwear reiterate the reasons we are not together. Each pair came with messages such as “This is my gift to you” or “I want to be shown in a good light,” messages which jar with the act of giving me their Versace underwear to destroy in the printing press.

The etchings were printed onto my bedsheet, and then I continued to sleep with them. The sculptures function as the “real” material art objects, while the prints recall x-rays, or the stains of my relationships with these ex-partners.